Acoustical Products

For over 40 years Blachford has been solving noise and vibration problems with leading edge technology and a broad range of the most up-to-date noise control products. We boast the most advanced resources in the industry for solving acoustical, thermal and vibrational problems. Located in West Chicago, Illinois, we have two manufacturing plants along with our technical facility. Built in 2003, the Blachford Acoustics Laboratory and Technical Center is a one-of-a-kind research and testing facility that serves as a vital resource for our customers. In 2006, Blachford installed an automated, robotic polyurethane molding line which is capable of producing a wide range of molded noise enclosures providing solutions to various acoustical issues. One of the most modern in North America, this line minimizes the use of direct labor by shooting and trimming parts robotically.

We custom-engineer molded, fabricated and spray-on vibration dampers, barriers, absorbers, composites and thermal materials. As a truly vertically integrated solutions provider, we also formulate, compound and process our own products. We not only have the most advanced resources, we have the lowest cost basis as well.

Blachford Inc. Awarded Platinum Level Certification from Caterpillar

Business Units:
HL Blachford Ltd Blachford Incorporated Blachford Corporation Blachford Rubber Products Corporation Blachford AM Ltd